Models Own Haul

Ok I'll fess up, I made this haul a while ago when the 50% sale was on, but being the useless blogger I have been recently I didn't manage to write the post, so this is quite late. But all the polishes are still available online and it was too good a haul to ignore completely, so here it is, better late than never! Models Own polishes are some of my absolute favourite, partly because the shade range and collections are fantastic but also because the prices are brilliant too. When they have a store-wide 50% off sale I just can't hold back and tend to go a bit mad.

Origins Best Of Both Worlds Review

Origins make the best Christmas gift sets ever, and they sell out fast too and in 2013 I missed getting my hands on one, so I was determined last Christmas! Luckily my wonderful husband bought me the Best of Both Worlds set and pretty much made my day. Origins is hands down one of my favourite skincare brands and they can just do no wrong at all for me. This set comes in a really cute and surprisingly good quality cosmetics bag and contains nothing but firm favourites and best sellers from the Origins range. I often find gift sets can be a bit hit and miss, with popular items mixed with 'filler' ones, but this is nothing but the best and all were items I'd longed to try or had previously loved and run out of.

Getting Back Into Blogging After A Long Break

So I posted recently about why we'd been silent on the blog for so long (here) and got such a loving positive response from you all, and I was getting really excited about coming back! I bought myself a new notebook (always a stationery geek!) and sat down in my favourite coffee shop and wrote long lists of posts I'd had floating in my head for ages. I even found a day with a bit of sunshine and photographed a load of pictures in bulk to use for posts. But then... nothing. I kept picking my laptop up, sitting down, but nothing would come. I don't know why, I'm not normally one for keeping quiet and it's not often I have nothing to say!

When we were away for over a month, we had really kind messages of support, and strangely kept nearly all of our followers too. However, within a few days of our post explaining where we'd been, we lost a LOT of followers, from all platforms. I'm not sure why they'd wait until we came back to leave, but I can understand why people would unfollow a blog that had been so quiet for so long. That being said though, I have to say it still really disheartened me. Then every day I came back on ready to post, but we'd lost more. I've never blogged for followers, I always just sort of write for myself on here and numbers hasn't fussed me, but the fact people were leaving when I wrote sort of made me feel like well maybe my rambling has come to an end and people are sick of listening.

I feel very out of the loop as well. I love the blogging community, it's been my favourite thing about starting Agent Smyth, but I go on Twitter now and I don't know what people are talking about, and I feel too awkward to jump into conversations. I forgot when the chats are, and there seem to be new ones I don't know about. I feel like the awkward new kid at school, except I'm not new. Maybe the kid who went away for a while then came back and everybody had moved on. I know I just need to throw myself back into it and it'll be fine, but why does the first step seem so daunting?

I have posts waiting, I have things to say, I have pictures taken, but whether I'll actually get so far as to get them on to the blog, who knows. Why am I writing this post and not a post about my new foundation? Again, who knows haha! To those who are reading, thank you very much. It's much appreciated and I hope I'll be back soon, for those who enjoy Agent Smyth :)

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Benefit Roller Lash Freebie in Elle Magazine

I've been seeing the new mascara by Benefit everywhere recently, and with a name like Roller Lash, and with the beautiful pink and girly advertising they've been doing for it, I couldn't help but be drawn in. I have to say I'm not the biggest fan of their other massively famous mascara, They're Real, but I'm open minded about this one and can't wait to try it, especially for free!

Magazine freebies are hit and miss, but I don't think I've been this excited about a freebie for a long time. Not only is it a high end brand, but a brand new release as well! And of course you get Elle magazine too, which I love. I've spent a lot of time in hospitals recently (see last post!) and tomorrow I'll be there all day again, so I'm saving this for then to keep me occupied.The magazine is £4 with a free sample sized mascara and will be available all month if you want to get your hands on it.

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I'm Back! With An Explanation And An Apology

It's been almost two months since my last blog post, I can't believe it! The time has flown by and really got out of hand and it feels so strange to be writing a post now after all this time. I must start by saying sorry for the absense without even a word of explanation, and my complete Twitter silence too. I'm so, so grateful though to everyone who continued to view the blog, the people who tweeted and emailed us to ask if everything is ok, and the fact that you all seemed to want us to come back, even after so long!

So, where have I been? Well I don't often discuss my private life here on the blog, and I won't be going into details but, as some may know, my son is disabled and has multiple conditions that overall mean he's classed as life limited. We don't know how limited his life may be, but as you can appreciate whenever he is unwell everything in my life has to stop so I can dedicate every minute to getting him better. Over Christmas he was very poorly and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks, and he's been slowly getting better ever since. He's not long gone back to school full time and only now is he back to normal, it's been a very long process after a horrible, scary couple of weeks. Being a Mummy means when your child is unwell everything in your own life has to take a backseat, and for me that included the blog. I'll be honest, I hardly gave it a thought for the first month and then after that it seemed so daunting to come back, but the support from you all on Twitter and email really meant a lot to me.

As for Nic, you might have noticed she's taken a backseat on the blog for some months and I suppose now is a good time to explain that, too. Nic's marriage sadly ended in the summer, so for months she's been finding her feet again and dealing with the emotional and practical difficulties of such a thing. It's been a horrible time for her, and I also never realised how devastating it is to watch your best friend go through something so tragic. She's coming out the other side now, got herself a lovely new man and is on the mend so expect her back here asap!

I'm going to be getting back to our usual posts from this week, but possibly starting off slower than before while I find my feet again and juggle life! Thanks to you all for your continued support and love, it means more than you could know. Blogging is something I just love to do and I'm really looking forward to throwing myself back into it and sharing with you the lovely products I received over Christmas and have been dying to tell you about!

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You Beauty Advent Calender Days 8-14

Yes, I realise it's been a whole week since I posted and my last installment was my previous advent calender goodies and that's pretty lazy, but in my defence I've been really poorly this week and barely opened my laptop! But of course I managed to drag my snotty self to my advent calender each day to open another window, you can't ever be too ill for that can you? I think this week was even better than last week, and I'll go through them now.

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