Update On My Gousto Review

I recently reviewed the amazing Gousto box here, and it honestly remains one of the greatest things I've ever had the pleasure to review on this blog. It's a food subsciption box where you get a choice of 10 menu options each week, from which you select your 3 choices and have all the items weighed and measured delivered straight to your door, along with really easy to follow menus. I love this because the menu and food selection is top notch and unlike anything I'd normally manage to cook myself. I love that the ingredients have been bought for you, no need to shop, and the fact you get just enough meaning you waste nothing. It's all top quality organic food, unlike what I normally buy myself, so a real treat.

The Autumn Tag

I've not done a tag in aaaages and autumn is by far my favourite season, so this is one I have to do. It seems to have taken a long time for autumn to come this year with the amazing warm weather we had, but now the nights are darker, my heating is on and I even bought some fluffy socks today so it's definitely officially here now. Nobody has tagged me in this but I've seen it on a few blogs now so I'm just going to do it anyway.

My Evening Hair Care Routine

I've been really suffering with my hair lately and it's been falling out a LOT! I've had a really tough couple of months and been stressed so it could be due to that, and I'm sure the fact I bleach it so often isn't helping either, so I've really taken to looking after my hair and improving the strength of it recently. I did a big shop of new products to strengthen and moisturise it as well as reaching for a few favourites from my collection and while I have very fine, thin hair that gets oily quickly and so I can't apply much in the morning, in the evening when I'm only going to bed anyway I'm enjoying going all out with the haircare.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Anti-Blemish System Review

It's no secret that La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + is one of my all time favourite products and skincare must haves, so when I got the chance to try the 3 step Effaclar Anti-Blemish System* I was so excited. It comes with my favourite Effaclar Duo + as well as a purifying foaming gel and a clarifying toner too, neither of which I've tried before but with having acne personally I was really looking forward to giving them a go and seeing if they live up to the bold claims of 'visible results in 24 hours'! The box also claims a money back guarantee if you don't see an improvement in your skin which is really impressive and I've not seen that before, so I had to see if the claims were justified.

September Favourites

September has been so warm I've not really broken my autumn makeup out yet, which I'm very sad about because I'm all about a berry lip. I've not really switched my skincare yet either, but I have been buying lots of haircare products this month! I've been a bit stressed recently and my hair has started falling out in huge chunks, so I've been buying and testing out lots of stregthening and conditioning treatments and really paying it lots of attention. I've also found some old favourites this month, so a bit of a varied one this month!

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream £3.99
This is a fairly old favourite of mine and I did a full review of it here 7 months ago, and when it ran out I tried new products in it's place because when you have a beauty blog it's so hard to be loyal! However when my hair started falling out I knew where I was going to buy first of all, because while this isn't the best leave in conditioner for making hair soft, it really is incredible at strengthening the hair against breakages and the last time I used this my hair grew faster than it ever has before! I love this, you can't beat it and the matching hair mask is great too.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation £34
Another old favourite of mine, and actually my all time favourite foundation ever. This just has everything! I've not used it much over summer, favourite a lighter base instead or my new Estée Lauder Double Wear for a heavier base, but I came back to this the other week and haven't used anything else since. I can't tell you how much I love this, it just buffs in to give a flawless, radiant finish that covers all imperfections so well I don't even need concealer. I'm currently using the middle of my 3 shades as my summer colour hasn't completely faded yet but I have my palest shade on standby for winter.

Superdrug Coconut Oil £2.29
I bought this when I was buying my haircare products and thought I'd throw it into my basket as the price was so good, but didn't expect much from it. It's very basic packaging and the product itself is very basic too, but actually I've loved this! It's great to rub into the ends of my hair, either wet or dry, for a bit of moisture and a big heavy dose makes a great hair mask too. Coconut oil has hundreds of uses too so this is also great as a cuticle oil, lip balm or moisturiser and for the price it must be the ultimate multi-use product.

Bleach London Rosé Shampoo and Conditioner £6 each
Yeah I know I only pictured the shampoo above but I'm lazy. My hair is platinum blonde so with it starting to fall out recently it's been quite noticeable. I'm trying my hardest not to dye my hair for a while to help it get back to a good condition, so I fancied a change instead. I'm not brave enough to dye my hair a random colour all in one go, because if I look stupid I've still got to turn up at the school gates the next day, so this gentle and slow colour seemed the safest bet. I'll do a full review on these soon when I've used them a bit longer but so far me and my ever-so-slightly but ever-so-pretty pink hair are really happy together.

Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder £26
Again, I bought this a while ago and it's featured in passing on a few of my blog posts but never by itself for some reason. It's a great finishing powder that perfectly sets makeup and can be worn sheer for a hint of luminosity or a little heavier for more coverage. I love how this blurs pores and also keeps my makeup in place all day long, and it's also great for keeping shine at bay if you suffer with oily skin. It's a great size too and I've been using every day for months and it's nowhere near finished.

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