Beauty Crush: Emma Watson

 It's been a while since I talked about a beauty crush of mine, and who better to talk about that one of my favourite girls ever, Emma Watson. She's beautiful, of course she is, but more than that she's such a kind hearted, intelligent girl that I can't help but love her. She's one of those girls that all men fancy, but that girls still adore too and I think that's because of her girl-next-door qualities, and the fact she's such a role model as well as being so gorgeous. The look above is one of my favourites of her, and explains this perfectly. This shoot could be in a lad's mag (right before she strips off to lacy underwear!) or it could be from a fashion magazine, she's just so versatile. I love that she's so casual and undone, with hair and makeup so natural you can't even tell if she's had it done, yet just looks perfect.

Christmas Gift Ideas £10 and Under

The shops are all full of beautiful gift sets at the minute, everywhere you look, an it's so easy to get either get confused by them all and not know what to buy, or get carried away and buy the lot! I've put together here a list of my favourite gift ideas from £10 and under, which follows on from my £5 and Under post I did recently which you can read here. I was geniunely surprised by how much £10 can get you, and the brands too! Baylis & Harding, Soap & Glory, Ted Baker and Champneys all offer some great gift options which look like they cost much more than they really did! There's stocking fillers too, such as the Philiosophy Ornament and Real Techniques Mini Trio, which I just adore. The ceramic bunny cotton wool dispenser caught my eye for being too cute, and a great ornament for any dressing table as well as being useful.

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Recent Drugstore Purchases

I've not bought myself much recently but if there's one thing I can't resist it's Superdrug's 3 for 2 on all makeup events. Why do you do it to me Superdrug, and right before Christmas too! I've had my eye on some items for a while so it seemed a great chance to try them out. My local Superdrug has also got rid of the MUA stand (boo!) and replaced it with I Heart Makeup by Makeup Revolution (yay!) so that was another temptation for me and it's nice to be able to see the items before buying them as I've previously been buying online.

Are You A Hater?

I've not done a chatty (ranty) post in a while and had something to get off my chest, so here I am! I'm not one for drama, I've got a stressful enough life as it is and tend to keep myself to myself. It's something that I try to avoid both in my real life and online life, but recently drama and passive aggressive comments seem to be everywhere and I can't avoid it, particularly on social media. And ironically, the most hateful and agressive comments are about haters themselves. I rarely see nasty posts or comments about other blogger, vloggers, YouTubers or celebrities in general, but I daily see comments about the haters of the aforementioned people. So what is a hater? Personally I think the definition is becoming blurred, or is simply being adapted to suit anybody that doesn't agree with certain people.

Disappointing Products #4

Sometimes, no matter how much research you do on a product or how many good reviews you read, you'll buy something that just doesn't work for you and you just don't like. For me, buying and trying out so many beauty products all the time, it's inevitable that I'll find things that disappoint me. That's no reflecting on the brand of the product as I often love other items by the company, and it's not even always a reflection on the product itself, it might be great for somebody else and just not for me! But it's always nice to give honest reviews and let people make their own minds up, so here's my *personal* opinions on these 6 items.

Secret Santa | Christmas Gift Ideas Under £5

If you're like me, you dread the inevitable annual Secret Santa, because what on earth can you possibly buy somebody for just £5? Well while I was scouting around this year I decided to put together a gift ideas post for you with some of the items I found. These are all great little ideas not just for a beauty lover, but girls or women in general. Everyone loves a pair of comfy socks, and you can never have too many lip balms or compact mirrors in your handbag can you? The face masks pamper pack I found for just £5 is amazing and I know a few of my friends that will be getting that this year, along with the lovely £2.50 glitter nail varnish which comes in many shades.

 photo Claire_zps8cb03e70.png

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