Rediscovered Favourites

Sometimes as a blogger and generally beauty enthusiast it's so easy to get swept away in new buys all the time and finding the next new favourite in your collection, but sadly this often means I forget about old favourites and things that have fallen by the wayside to make way for new items. It doesn't mean those items are any less amazing than when you first loved them, but the shine has just worn off. I try to clean out my collection every so often and I'm pretty ruthless with throwing away stuff I don't want or use, so if I decide to keep something then it has to come back into my regular product rotation or face the chop next time.

March Favourites

Due to not having done a favourites post for a while, I had a lot to choose from this month! Typically I've come across a lof of great new products recently too which meant narrowing it down was hard. I tend to normally favour one area in my favourites post, such as I'll have 3 or 4 makeup items and one skincare, but this month I think I've got a nice little mix!

Tell Us What You Think!

Last year we put together a short blog survey to ask our readers what they thought about Agent Smyth, and it was really useful to have feedback and get to know more about you all and what you like and dislike on our website. We took all the comments on board and used them to make a better blog for the rest of the year. Because it went so well, and because we've got a few changes in mind planned this year, we've decided to put together another survey for 2015 and we'd really appreciate a minute or two of your time to fill it in.

The survey is completely annonymous, with just 10 questions but you're free to skip any you don't want to answer. You can be as honest as you like, we won't be offended by any constructive criticism and we'll take all feedback on board. Thanks very much in advance for if you decide to click and help us out! :)

Take me to the survey!

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Escentual Cleansing Milk Blind Trial

Escentual recently asked for volunteers to take part in a blind trial sampling 7 cleansing milks and submitting your opinions before finding out which each one was and compiling people's thoughts. I was so excited to be chosen to take part, and even more excited when these 7 little pots came in the post. I've only ever used one cleasning milk, the Decleor Aroma Cleanse, and I'm 100% loyal to that so this was an interesting way for me to find new favourites without the risk of buying something I might hate. Yesterday Escentual released the results (which you can read for yourselves here), so I'll share with you here what I thought of each sample during the trial and what they turned out to be.

The Essence £10 Makeup Challenge

Essence is a brand we talk about a lot here on Agent Smyth and is genuinely my favourite budget beauty brand and one I feel is always the best value for money. They contacted me recently and asked if I would take the £10 makeup look challenge, and of course I jumped at it! They sent me a bag of makeup and a list of prices with the challenge to come up with a new makeup look for myself all for under £10. It sounds impossible, but actually I found it really enjoyable and came up with a few combinations! The one above is my favourite and the one I've actually been wearing a lot recently.

Why Do We Blog?

After so much time off recently, I found myself even questioning whether I would come back at all. It seemed so much easier to just switch off, close the blog down and not have to worry again. Because the truth is, as much as I love blogging, it really is hard work! I was facing having to come up with ideas, take lots of photos, edit them, plan and write the posts, schedule them, and then of course promote them once they are up and it all just seemed like so much effort. And for what? What do we actually get from blogging? It seems so glamorous before you start your own blog, but the truth is very different. It's nothing but endless blog photos in tiny nooks of your house where the sunlight is hitting and notebooks and pens everywhere writing down your ideas. The money you might make off posts and advertising, if you're very lucky, is not that great and the PR samples take a long time to start coming in, so anybody hoping to start a blog for perks like that will be sadly mistaken.

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